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Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, I was the middle of 5 kids. My father played college football at Purdue university and now builds homes. My mom was a cheerleader at Purdue and is a stay at home mother. My oldest brother Guy was an Olympic caliber cyclist, who eventually introduced me to my wife Shawn Johnson, an Olympic Gymnast. Guy now runs an organization called Hope Sports which allows professional athletes to build homes for impoverished families and encourages their focus to be on others instead of just themselves. My second oldest brother JD is my role model and now sells financial services. He has been the biggest driving force in my life. My younger sister Christine currently attends Taylor University in Indiana and looks to do missionary work.  The youngest brother, Grant, is a senior in high school and is preparing for college.


I grew up playing as many sports as I could- swimming, rugby, baseball, basketball, football, and cycling. Athletics was a major focus for my family. I ended up getting a scholarship to Vanderbilt university when a position opened up due to the tragic circumstances. I was not prepared for handling the two grueling tasks of studying engineering and collegiate athletics, but stuck through it for better or for worse. I ended up being 2 time captain of the team for two consecutive years. I was also lucky enough to go to business school and earn my MBA before graduating and joining the Kansas City Chiefs.


Once I joined the Chiefs, I thought I was in the clear and had solidified my position in professional football but I soon started having anxiety attacks. I just wasn't mentally prepared for the pressure of professional sports. After just a few months, I ended up getting released. This led to an extreme amount of career uncertainty as I was flying weekly for tryouts with teams, but never seeming to be good enough. While going through this turmoil I realized that I needed to start developing other areas of my life, not just to earn a living but also for my own emotional well being. As a result, my wife and I ended up learning how to film and edit video, and this became our full time job. I have now signed 6 NFL contracts in 4 years.


The video editing has become a passion of mine and has led a career that I never could have dreamt of. My wife and I started on Youtube, then expanded into other socials, and now have a passion for helping other people build their own brands and businesses. Be on the lookout for helpful material in relation to all that, and make sure you follow us everywhere you can!

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